The Crypto Investment + ICO Summit – 5 September 2018 taking place at Swissotel Sydney


The Crypto Investment + ICO Summit is just around the corner – 5 September 2018  taking place at Swissotel Sydney.

Here are the top 7 reasons you need to be there:

1. Get insights into the future of crypto and token markets from leading local and international experts
2. Meet and engage with pre-ICO start-ups, hear their stories and plan your own investment strategy
3. Get access to leading investment managers and insights into what they are looking for in digital assets
4. Examine the changing regulatory environment for ICOs domestically and globally
5. Understand how ICOs are set to transform capital raising
6. Hear from leading start-ups that have successfully raised capital and learn from their experiences
7. Network, network, network

You can view the latest agenda here, or still register here.


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