Blockchain Marketplace Raises $730,000 in Just a Day With ICO Launch


Blockchain-based online marketplace, CanYa, has raised $730,000 in the first 24 hours of its ICO on Sunday.

Launched in 2015, CanYa is a startup that makes it easier to spend crytpocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The site features over 4,000 service providers that accept cryptocurrency payments, from gardeners to home removalists. And with over 8,000 Aussies registered to the site, CanYa is thinking of taking the project overseas.

Due to the fact that CanYa already exists on the market, there was no ‘soft cap’, or minimum for the amount raised during the ICO. There was, however, a ‘hard cap’ or maximum of $18 million. As with other ICOs, transparency allows you to see who exactly is investing and how much has been raised. You can even see the funds raised in real-time, using a blockchain explorer like Etherscan. Click here to see all the contributors and the amounts they’ve invested.

CanYa’s tokens are not yet available to trade on secondary markets, and the team has introduced an incentive to discourage users from selling off their tokens immediately. Known as the HODL club [sic], users with over 5,000 CAN tokens will periodically receive more tokens for free, as long as they don’t move them from the genesis address.


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