10 Best Bitcoin Wallets for 2018


Storing your Bitcoin in a good wallet is just as important as owning them, and for a cryptocurrency that’s seen unbelievable rise in 2017, you’d best be hoping you’ve got a good wallet to store your Bitcoin. Hardware storage is always an ideal option, however we understand that not everyone can afford the expense, and some people prefer soft storage options.

To help you out, we’ve gone through and picked out the 10 best Bitcoin wallets in Australia for 2018. Whether you’re a newbie who needs a clear, easy-to-use design or a cryptocurrency pro who wants all the features and more, you’ll find the ideal Bitcoin wallet for you amongst this lot.

What defines a good Bitcoin wallet?

You might be wondering what we were looking for when we scoured the web to find the best Bitcoin wallets in Australia, and rightly so. Everyone has different ideas of what makes something good, and for us, a good Bitcoin wallet has the following:

  • Intuitive interface – An interface that’s easy-to-use and clear to read is important for every investor, whether you’re just starting out or have been doing it for years. A good Bitcoin wallet in 2018 must have a good user experience and simple, intuitive interface.
  • Private keys – For the best security, you want to make sure that only you have access to your private keys. When we looked for the best Bitcoin wallets in Australia, we wanted to make sure that your private keys are controlled by you.
  • Compatibility – The best Bitcoin wallets are ones that allow access from a range of devices. From PC to Linux, Mac, and mobile we’ve tried hard to pick out Bitcoin wallets that are compatible with different operating systems and devices.

Now you know the criteria we’ve used, let’s get to it. In no particular order, the 10 best Bitcoin wallets in 2018 (according to us), are…

1. Blockchain.info

Probably the most popular Bitcoin wallet at the moment, Blockchain.info can be accessed from both your browser and mobile. Perfect for beginners, the interface is simple and easy to use.

While your Bitcoin wallet is stored online by the company, they don’t have access to your private keys. Blockchain.info is recognised as a trusted company in the Bitcoin community, so it’s a good place to go if you’re looking for solid, established companies.

Visit Blockchain.info here.

2. Electrum

A software wallet that’s also accessible by Android devices (sorry, iPhone users), Electrum is another company that’s well respected and established in the Bitcoin community. If you’re after a trusted, safe, and reliable wallet, Electrum is your go-to.

Electrum has an ideal user interface that’s super easy-to-use and perfect for those who aren’t exactly tech-savvy. The software is free, and most importantly, allows you full control over your private key.

Visit Electrum here.

3. Jaxx.io

Jaxx is a Bitcoin and Altcoin wallet that lets you store several different cryptocurrencies and block-chain based assets on its platform. Available for download on 8 different platforms, anyone can use Jaxx, and there’s also a great support system available for those who might need help.

Still a relatively new company, Jaxx offers a super intuitive interface that’s ideal for all kinds of users. You can also easily exchange the different currencies from within the wallet via ShapeShift. It’s also self hosted, meaning your private keys are kept in your control.

Visit Jaxx.io here.

4. MyCelium

Yes, we’re about compatibility, but just about everyone has a mobile these days and MyCelium offers a mobile app wallet with premium privacy and security features to keep your Bitcoin safe. As it’s open source, the app is continuously in development, and even offers some cold storage options for those who want to store their Bitcoin offline.

This app isn’t the best for beginners and newbies as it can be quite advanced and complicated, however it’s one of the fastest and most secure Bitcoin wallets available.

Visit MyCelium here.

5. Armory

Another well established and trusted company in the Bitcoin community, Armory is recognised for its advanced security features that include various encryption and cold storage options.

Not one for the beginners and newbies, the app can be a little difficult to use, and is generally better suited for advanced users with good knowledge of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It’s not the prettiest app to use, either.

Visit Armory here.

6. GreenAddress

A simple, easy-to-use, and user-friendly app, GreenAddress is probably the most flexible of the lot, making it an ideal Bitcoin wallet for 2018. You can access GreenAddress through your browser, desktop client, or via mobile app, and its interface can be navigated by just about anyone.

With advanced security and privacy features, Green Address does however have shared control over your Bitcoin, meaning transactions have to be approved by a third party. Despite that, it’s still a favourite amongst the Bitcoin community.

Visit GreenAddress here.

7. Copay.io

Probably one of the best Bitcoin wallets available in 2018, Copay is a multisig wallet. That means that multiple users can have access to the same wallet, which is great for corporate or family accounts where transactions must be approved by other signatures.

That said, Copay may not be the best for beginners as it can be a little tricky to use. You can use Copay on your desktop, mobile, or via a web interface, and it’s a completely open source wallet with intuitive design and user interface.

Visit Copay.io here.

8. Airbitz

Another one for the newbies, Airbitz is super easy-to-use with a great user experience. If you’re after complete security, backup, and decentralisation when it comes to Bitcoin wallets, Airbitz is the option for you.

Fully independent, nobody has access to your private keys but you. Airbitz also offers a directory of businesses around you that accept Bitcoin, making it easy for you to spend what you’ve got.

Visit Airbitz here.

9. Xapo

All you need to access Xapo is a browser and an internet connection, making it a flexible and compatible Bitcoin wallet for 2018. A good one for newbies, the wallet is easy-to-use and beginner friendly – we recommend this one if you’re just starting out with Bitcoin.

Despite its ease-of-use, Xapo has pretty good privacy and security features for a web-based wallet, making it a secure place to store your Bitcoin. It also supports debit card payments, making it easy for you to spend your Bitcoin and withdraw it from ATMs.

Visit Xapo here.

10. BitGo

One for those who want the best in security for storing their Bitcoin – and why shouldn’t you – BitGo is a multisig wallet that’s recognised for its excellent security. All your transactions require two-factor identification, giving you that extra security from hackers and malware. That said, some people may find that to be a nuisance.

Your keys are not held by the company, however the service relies on central verification. The Bitcoin wallet itself is quite easy-to-use and not too advanced, making it a good option for users mid-level users.

Visit BitGo here.


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